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I am a student at CTK high school. I like Italian food, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Nintendo games.

Beginning the Last Semester of High School

On Monday February third, 2014, I stepped through the doors of CTK high school, beginning the second semester of Grade Twelve. As I walked through those doors, a mixture of emotion came through me. First there was the usual nervousness of starting a new semester- new classes, new teachers, different subjects. Then came hopefulness, knowing that I would give those new classes my best effort and get excellent grades. But then, the great shadow of despair came over me as I realized that this would be my last semester at CTK- that after this I would be moving on to university, in a new city far away, without my old friends and family! As I looked at my fellow classmates, I knew they had the same feeling. It was a pretty scary moment. As I sat through those first four classes, the time went by so fast, and before I knew it the first day was already over! A couple more of those and I’d be on my way to Trent University! I knew I would have to savor these last few days of high school- the easy tests, the light amount of homework, the excess of movies. All of those things would change by September. Everything I had grown so accustomed to would soon change, and most of the people I know would be gone too. I knew that, come September, my life would change.

The beginning of second semester is a difficult time for me. But, having  gotten over the shock and despair of realizing that this is the end, I’ve been able to get my head on straight and think things through.  I’ve realized that I can’t be too concerned with the future and I have to focus on the present- if I spend all my time thinking about university, I won’t be able to focus and get good marks. For this last semester of high school, I should just enjoy myself. I’m going to enjoy my last semester of high school and not worry about it, and when I do move on, I’ll have lots of good memories of CTK to keep with me.